PlotLab ( Delphi/C++Builder Edition ) Single License + Source Code


PlotLab is a set of VCL components for very easy and fast Data Visualization.
Also includes Visual Graphical Editor for Codeless Development and Visual Live Bindings.
Scope Component – a scientific chart component for plotting multi-channel data.
Waterfall Component – a single channel waterfall data plotting component. Especially suitable for FFT, and spectrum results.
Multichannel Waterfall Component – a multichannel waterfall data plotting component. Especially suitable for video histogram representation.
Panning and Zooming – Zoom in out, Pan and navigate.
Zoom/Pan history – Undo and Redo zooms/panning.
Data gaps – allows gaps in the data channels.
Markers – Add data markers.
Cursors, measurement and selections – Add data cursors, measurement lines and selections.
Save to file – Save to bitmap or JPEG file.
Multi axes support – Supports Multiple X, and Y axes.
Downsampling – Automatically reduces displayed samples to improve performance.
Zones – Allows arbitrary and elliptic zones.
Save to file – Save to bitmap or JPEG file.
Print – integrated printing support.
Highlighting – Highlight channels, cursors, markers, and measurement lines.
Build-in Dialog – Configure the components from the build in dialog.
Composite components – Allows embedding component into each other.
All of the components are optimized for very fast data plotting, and support multithreading.
Integrates well with VideoLab, AudioLab, SignalLab, VisionLab, InstrumentLab, and IntelligenceLab packages.

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