PivotCube VCL - Delphi visual component library for building OLAP applications


If you are not familiar with Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) PivotCube is a state of the art instrument to familiarize yourselves with this cutting edge data processing technology. If you are an expert in OLAP we hope that you would enjoy breakthrough performance of OLAP-engine. We do hope that with PivotCube you will develop unique solutions that will give your customers satisfaction and provide a long-run success of your business. Powerful API allows you building very customizable applications with all PivotCube OLAP abilities. PivotCube VCL is a set a visual components for OLAP analisys and reporting. You can use it to load data from huge relational databases, look for information or details and create summaries and reports that help the end user in making accurate decisions. It provides highly dynamic interface for interactive data analysis. PivotCube is only visual shell for OLE server named zCube, so it allow advanced programmers use their own GUI styles with zCube OLAP engine. Key Features Ensembles many views of one and the same cube in different windows, without additional data reload Allows many image enhancements, like colors,fonts etc, including different views of different data depending on their values Possibility of records built cube on disk and high speed reloading data in memory Using OLE server with own API allows the programmers to create you own GUI Possibility to use as source given any SQL query compatible with BDE syntax It is optimized for greatly filling the screen data, including multi-line print dimension items Unlimited number of dimensions and measures Automatic sizing of columns and rows such as to fit values into cells

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