Pinguin PG-AMM Stereo plus EBU int. meter (worth €250,-)

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Pinguin PG-AMM Analyzer (Stereo):

  • 8 Instruments at once (out of a total of 10 instruments)
  • free definable individual Workspaces (access via shortcut)
  • free definable input configuration (just limited by available physical inputs, max 64 channels)
  • Tool windows scalable
  • 24bit / 96kHz
  • Stand-alone operation (on separate computer) or on DAW host computer with help of tool for computer internal signal routing (2Bus DAW > Pinguin)
  • Available for XP/Vista/Windows7 and OSX 10.4 and above. (intel dual core required for good performance)
  • Supports MME, ASIO on Windows, CoreAudio on MAC

PG-AMM Stereo Includes these meters:

  • PPM  with True Peak Meter Function (R128)
  • Correlation Meter (Standard)
  • MF Correlation (Multiband)
  • Gonio Meter
  • FFT-Analyzer (Grafic-Analyzer with semi-tone resolution & screenshot function)
  • RT(A) Analyzer (Klark-Modus)
  • Spectral View
  • LDN Meter (Bargraph for Short-term and Momentary Loudness)
  • EBU Loudness (intuitive Loudness “rev counter”)
  • EBU integrated (On top bonus, worth CNJ 1900.-/ €250,-)

Usually the EBU integrated and shipping is not included!
This offer includes EBU integrated (= €250,-) plus shipping (€25,-) opposed to all other offers you could find on the Internet.

This order comes as download PLUS USB Dongle!

Important Delivery Information!
The software will be delivered instantly after order is succesfully closed.
SHIPPING OF DONGLE can take up to 2 weeks depending on the country where you live.
Please use correct shipping address on order form or contact us after order is placed via [email protected]

Never Expires

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