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Powerful Software to Combine Photos Horizontally and Vertically

Vertexshare Photo Stitcher enables you to make an amazing panorama photo with only one click! You can choose to combine photos horizontally manually or using our smart automatic stitching algorithm to create a panorama photo.

Photo Stitcher could also help you to merge multiple photos vertically and make a single long one. The whole process could be done in a few seconds. You can use Photo Stitcher to merge the Conversion screenshot / To-Do List / Tweet List / Comment List / Long Article / Long Web Page or anything you want.

Here are some features:

- Support creating horizontal and vertical scrolling image
– Support editing the height and width of each photo
– Support editing the scrolling screenshots with useful tools
– Support adding annotations
– Support adding arrows, rectangles, curves
– Support adding mosaic, watermark, mockups
– Support exporting HD photos
– Support sharing photos to your friends or social media
– Minimal interface design, no advertising.
– Universal application, compatible with all Win computers.

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