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PgMex is a high-performance PostgreSQL client library for Matlab that enables a Matlab-based application to communicate with PostgreSQL database in the Matlab native way by passing data in a form of matrices, multi-dimensional arrays and structures. The library is written in pure C which gives a significant performance boost for both small and data-heavy database requests. Both Windows and Linux platforms are supported.
Key features
PgMex has the following key features:
Short learning curve.
Written 100% in C.
Delivers a super-fast and reliable performance with a minimum overhead even for arrays – thanks to 100% binary data transfer between Matlab and PostgreSQL without any text parsing
Linux and Windows binaries
Much faster than JDBC, especially for a large data sets and a large number of calls.
100% binary data transfer between Matlab and PostgreSQL, no text parsing
Supports data exchange in both directions for most of PostgreSQL data types and arrays
Full support for PostgreSQL NULLs for both scalars and arrays, a proper handling of Matlab +Inf/-Inf values.
Complex Matlab variables that cannot be mapped directly to PostgreSQL built-in type can be serialized and stored as PostgreSQL ‘bytea’ using PgMex built-in serialization; when extracted from PostgreSQL, such variables are automatically reconstructed (de-serialized) in Matlab.
Simple to use, yet powerful, comprehensive and entirely documented API
We offer a fully functional evaluation version, with a few limitations to an amount of data transferred to DB, a number of extracted fields and a number of sequential calls.
Working and tested with any Matlab version starting with 2015b up to the recently released 2016b on both Linux and Windows platforms.
Linked against the latest PostgreSQL 9.6 libpq and is compatible with all prior versions of PostgreSQL.
With every purchase, we offer six months of free updates and priority e-mail and forum support.
We offer single user (for one developer) and site licenses (for all developers working in the same company). There are no application royalty fees.

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