Performance Based Management: Eight Steps To Develop and Use Information Technology Performance Measures Effectively


This book is developed to help those who want to gain a further understanding of performance measurement and for those who develop and use performance measures for information technology (IT) projects. It delivers a widely implemented approach to help businesses develop and implement effective IT performance measures.
This book is for anyone who develops and implements performance measures for information technology (IT). It is also intended for those who want to understand the principles of performance measurement. This guide describes the major tasks to follow to measure the contribution of IT projects to an organizations goals and objectives. These same principles and tasks also apply when measuring mission performance.
Organizations succeed when their business units and support functions work together to achieve a common goal. This holds true for performance measurement, which entails more than just developing performance measures. It also includes establishing business strategies, defining projects that contribute to business strategies, and evaluating, using and communicating the results to improve performance.
This book is developed to help develop and implement effective information technology (IT) performance measures. Effective performance measures are customer driven; give an accurate and comprehensive assessment of acquisitions, programs, or activities; minimize the burden of data collection; and are accepted and used to improve performance.
Performance-based management links investment planning with the systematic use of select feedback to manage projects and processes. Projects cannot be managed unless they are measured. The eight steps constitute a measurement process that includes translating business strategies into actions at the operational level; selecting projects that have the greatest value; developing measurement mechanisms; measuring, analyzing and communicating the results; and finding ways to improve performance. The eight steps provide a logical sequence of tasks that can be integrated with existing management practices.

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