PC Remote Control


PC Remote Control lets you remotely control your computer from several origins, including the serial port (RS-232), keyboard, TCP/IP and other devices specifically designed for remote control. The main purpose of this program is to control the computer in the same manner as you do with the TV, VCR, HiFi and similar equipment with a simple infrared remote. The widespread use of the computer for audio MP3 and video DVD playing can make this program a perfect complement to your multimedia system.

Actions available are:

Key press simulation. You can specify Alt, Ctrl or Shift modifiers.
Mouse control.
Execution of external applications.
PostMessage API function access to send Windows type messages.
Volume control.
Computer log off, reboot or shutdown.
Windows management.
On Screen Display of system parameters or free text.
Possible uses of this software:
Multimedia presentations.
Reading huge files or web-browsing comfortably.
Easy way to control the multimedia features of the computer, like when playing MP3 audio files or DVD video discs.
Hardware requirements:

Devices that have been proved to run well with PC Remote Control:

Serial port based devices:
– In Circuit Universal Infrared Receiver
– Universal Remote Control Receiver
– UIR, Irman
– Custom circuit with SSI chips or a MC68HC11 MCU version
– IrDA transceivers, external or motherboard versions
– REALmagic Remote Control (Sigma Designs)
– X10 MouseRemote
– Packard Bell Fast Media
– AST/Logitech Computer Remote Control
Discontinued products or hard to find:
– Tekram AV-100
– Silitek SM-1000
Any Windows compatible keyboard
Any TCP/IP client or server like WinLIRC

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