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PC Monitor Expert is a professional PC monitoring utility for completely monitoring an object computer. It will become invisible without any trace after installation, and it cannot be found on the monitored machine. It can record all keystrokes typed including Chinese, English, figures, function keys, chats, IMs, email sent, usernames and passwords logged on some websites and email (Warning: please DO NOT use it for illegal purpose. This software won’t record sensitive passwords like bank password). Moreover, it also records the time keystrokes typed and title of opened windows. The software captures computer screenshots. It can take screenshot of chats window, active window and entire computer screen. Besides, the monitored records can be played automatically when you view them. PC Monitor Expert records all titles of opened windows and the time they were opened. Meanwhile, it can prohibit opening windows containing the blocked keywords in the title. If you try to open a blocked window, this operation and opening time will also be recorded. As above, it can also prohibit the use of specified programs, like chats software, browsers, download software and so on. Other enhancements include sending all monitored records to a specified email for your easy use of network monitoring, setting a software password, timed shutdown, etc.

Summary: windows, function keys

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