PATools Range Manager (1 Year License) for Excel 97 or later


PATools Range Manager is a series of tools to boost your experience with Microsoft® Excel® software. Examples include: Send your selected range of cells straight to an email body Instantly create a csv file of your selected range of cells – no need to SaveAs Quickly clear all duplicates from your selected range Quickly clear all error cells from your highlighted range Create or remove hyperlinks from your range Remove double (and multiple) spaces from text in your range Fill in missing items in your data eg copy into empty cells from the nearest cell value above Add rounding to all your formulae in your range ie add the =ROUND formula to all formula cells Adjust values, flip the sign (ie positive to negative), round all numbers in your range Flip words around in text eg LastName FirstName > FirstName LastName Create a table of data from 1 column of data, and vice versa Reverse a range of cells Pick a cell from a range at random … and lots more besides …

Never Expires

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