PATools Outlook Exporter (1 Year License) for Excel 97 or later


The PATools xlEmailer is a tool that allows you to create an email in Microsoft Outlook to send any part of an Excel workbook such as > a range of cells on one worksheet > different ranges on several worksheets > a single worksheet > several worksheets from one workbook > a whole workbook There is a quick one-click facility to email a single worksheet, or you can use a separate screen to select options (eg remove formulas, remove font colours etc) and create the email. You can also save email templates, together with prompts, for repetitive or regular emails eg you may wish to create a monthly email to send out sales results, where this program prompts you to enter the month each time you open the email template ie the email subject might read ‘Monthly sales results for {{month}}’ in the template which will convert to ‘Monthly sales results for July’ in the email.

Never Expires

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