PATools Favourites Toolbar (1 year license) for Excel 97 or later


The PATools Favourites Toolbar for use with Microsoft® Excel® 97 software or later allows you to access your favourite files and folders at a click of the mouse from within Excel. This software allows you to store your Excel favourites in drop-downs on a Toolbar that can float above your workbooks or be docked alongside the menu and other toolbars. This handy little utility can save you hundreds of mouse clicks every week (and a lot of time when you add it all up!) as you no longer have to negotiate around different file and folder locations just to open a file you often use, and moments later do it all over again to get to a different file or folder elsewhere on the network. How handy is that when you have a client on the phone and you can go straight to their file/folder with 1 click? The time that this will save you will more than compensate for the cost! We find users love it, and management always applaud better productivity!

Never Expires

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