PATools Email Extractor (1 Year License) for Excel 2000 or later


Use the PATools Email Extractor to select specific emails and/or attachments from within Microsoft® Outlook® software and save them onto disk, at the same time creating a hyperlinked index in Microsoft® Excel® software. This can be a useful aid to archiving, can help you keep your Outlook data files smaller and faster, or simply be helpful to be able to copy selected emails and/or attachments onto disk in one sweep. You have a number of options including Saving emails in several formats Save emails with or without attachments Save just the attachments Remove emails Remove attachments Log the saved locations for attachments in the body of the emails Zip up the emails and/or attachments, either with Windows zipping, or Winzip, or the free 7-Zip software Run on the emails you select, or run it on a folder you select Only run it on emails above a certain size It is simple and intuitive to use. The software also links direct to an on-line help file and troubleshooting webpages. Try it out for free now, and buy securely on-line with license details by return email.

Never Expires

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