PATools Easy Word Merge (2 Year License) for Excel 2000 or later


This software will assist anyone who regularly has to complete a template document in Microsoft Word.
Many organisations use templates such as legal agreements, quotations, purchase orders, invoices, lease agreements, school reports, exam results, booking confirmations, etc etc.
Typically they are created as per the examples on the right here, and people spend considerable time going through and manually replacing the highlighted sections with the data for the particular document.
Of course, some of these can be done by using the mail merge built in to Office, but not everyone is confident with using this, and it is not always the easiest or most appropriate way.
PATools Easy Word Merge is a great alternative:
1. You can use your existing document (you may wish to add some identifier such as square brackets [ ] around the sections to be replaced if not already there).
2. In an Excel worksheet you enter the field names in column A and the data you want in column B.
3. Open our software from the Excel menu and hit ‘ Run ‘.
Your Word document will be prepared ready for you to edit, send, save etc. Alternatively, it can be attached to an open email for you, in either Word or pdf format, ready for you to complete the email and send.
If you save your Excel workbook then it can be re-run at any time, if perhaps your Word template gets updated later on.
One of the great benefits is that you can also have formulae / data validation etc set up in column B, or save other data in columns C onwards that you can copy and paste into column B for any particular merge. Similarly, you can add or edit the merge fields so easily by simply typing into your Word document and then copying into a cell in column A – so quick and easy.
Also, because you are in control, you can mark your fields however you wish, such as with [ ] or with < > or with { } or with <<< >>>, or even a mix. All our software does is a “simple” search and replace (including in headers, footers, text boxes etc), so you don’t even have to mark the fields at all – though be careful if you do not, as you may have other pieces of text being replaced.
Finally, our software will also check your Word template against the Excel sheet to see if any fields are missing in one or the other.
You can watch a video demo, there is on-line help, and you can download and try free for as long as you wish – the only restriction being that it will merge only 5 fields until you have bought a license.

Never Expires

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