PATools Advanced Find and Replace (1 year license) for Excel 97 or later


PATools Advanced Find and Replace works in a similar fashion to Excel’s built-in Find and Replace features, except that now you can: – search and replace throughout multiple open or closed workbooks – easily work with special characters such as tab, asterisk, question mark, line feed (input as SHIFT+ENTER in a cell), etc – get a full history of formulae before and after, by using the Tracking facility – get a summary of how many were found and/or replaced in each worksheet. Each time you run a find or replace a summary text file is created in your temporary file folder (eg c:windowstemp). This file logs a summary count of the results per worksheet, and logs any errors encountered. In addition the Tracking facility will create a new spreadsheet in which it will record the workbook, worksheet, cell, and cell formulae for find/replace. This workbook will be given a unique name and saved in your temporary file folder (eg c:windowstemp). These files are available for copying to a folder of your choice. In addition you can view the last one created at any time from the software interface.

Never Expires

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