Oxygen Phone Manager II for Nokia phones (Lite)


Oxygen Phone Manager II (Lite Edition ) is intended for entertainment purposes and allows full access to SMS, MMS, Gallery, WAP bookmarks, GPRS settings, Dictaphone records, FM stations, logos and ringtones.
Program has advanced SMS Manager to work with short messages: send text, pictures, ringtones and logos; receive messages; organize SMS folders. Logo Editor is a convenient tool to create and operate with phone logos.
MMS Manager allows reading, displaying and creating new MMS messages and their items and saving contents of MMS message to file(s). MMS Message editor supports the following content types: plain text, html, jpeg, gif, animated gif, png, tiff, bmp, midi, wav, rt. You can save all your MMS messages to a single file and then load it to any phone that supports MMS. You also can backup and restore MMS messages as well as other information stored in your phone. Individual messages can be saved to disk in MMS format. MMS options are fully controlled in MMS Settings section.
Oxygen Phone Manager II provides complete access to the Gallery and Play Lists. User can read all the Gallery contents in one operation, view images and listen to melodies on the PC right inside the program, save them to disk and set images as operator logo, startup logo or wallpaper. The program allows to upload images and melodies to any Gallery folder, delete files and folders from the Gallery and even create custom folders and sub-folders. Supported file formats are MIDI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, wireless BMP.

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