Oxygen Forensic Suite: Chinese phones support add-on


PC software designed to extract the maximum information from smartphones, cell phones and other mobile devices for forensic purposes.
Focus on smartphones. The nowadays of cell phone market is smartphones. Oxygen Forensic Suite uses its innovative and advanced OxyAgent approach to extract much more data than similar tools from Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Symbian OS and Windows Mobile smartphones.
Pioneer in geo-location data extraction. Oxygen Forensic Suite was the 1st tool capable to extract geo information from smartphones. And we are still the leaders in this area.
About 3000 device models are supported. But we rather care about quality, not quantity. You can find several tools supporting much more devices, but you’ll never find the tool that offers the same extraction and analyzing capabilities.
User data extraction from installed 3rd party smartphone applications. Now people may not use their mobile phones as just phones. Skype, Facebook, Twitter, various Google services, Foursquare and other applications store their own databases inside a smartphone. Oxygen Forensic Suite extracts and parses this information presenting the data in a convenient and well-organized way.
Timeline section combines all the extracted events having date and time stamp into one list. Unlike other tools you don’t need to switch between several windows to examine all activity of a suspect during specified date interval.
Parsers for the most popular mobile formats. Oxygen Forensic Suite can load and parse data from Blackberry IPD, Apple iTunes, Apple DMG, Nokia PM, SQLite databases, Plist files.
Convenient analysis and data export, reports building. Software interface is specially designed for forensic analysis, data search and reporting. Oxygen Forensic Suite can either print reports or export them to the most popular file formats.
Deleted data extraction. Oxygen Forensic Suite can recover deleted information. Platform limitations may apply.

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