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This all new contact extractor software is aimed at making the task of getting contact details from Outlook files a breeze. This software extracts email addresses as well as phone/fax/mobile numbers from outlook address book. The user can log in to a single Outlook profile or multiple ones to extract details from them. The software can be configured to scan through Contacts. Head specific mining like specifically for office contact, home contact etc. can also be undertaken using this software.

Its smart sense ensures that it does not log the same contact details twice & also that random numbers do not get logged as phone numbers. This software extract numbers from different heads like business number, house phone number, official email id, etc.

This amazing address book software can also be used to mine details from thousands of .PST files that are already there in the system. All the extracted details are assimilated in the form of a well arranged .TXT file which can be opened using the Notepad or .CSV file which opens up in MS Excel. The best part is the fact that this utility runs like a charm on all available versions of Windows.

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