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In the spring of 1942 the Japanese suffer their first major setbacks of the Pacific War with the naval battles of Coral Sea and Midway. Seizing this opportunity to take back the initiative, US High Command launches an offensive operation against forward Japanese outposts in the Solomon Islands.

Summary: US High Command, Coral Sea, Solomon Islands

Concepts: Empire of Japan, Solomon Islands campaign, Pacific War, Battle of Midway, Battle of the Coral Sea, World War II, Australia, Tokyo Express


  • /society/unrest and war
  • /law, govt and politics/armed forces/army
  • /travel/tourist destinations/australia and new zealand

Tags: Coral Sea, Solomon Islands campaign, forward Japanese outposts, High Command, Pacific War, Solomon Islands.Summary, Solomon IslandsConcepts, major setbacks, naval battles, offensive operation, Tokyo ExpressCategories, forces/army/travel/tourist destinations/australia, new zealand, World War, Midway, govt, initiative, spring, opportunity

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