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Using OlympicLog, you can spot high-res Sony XD CAM, P2, MXF, AVI and GoPro material (and many other formats).

Unique, user friendly logging application. Keyboard controlled, mousecontrolled, using defaults or not.

Save spot logs, reporting via the browser on any kind of device (PC, Mac or even iPhone or iPad).

Export the spot logs to  PDF  or MS Word, or to an editable text format.

Export the spotlogs, containing mark-in / mark-out to AVid ALE files, for further editing



    Your production company films its production on location. Many times a series, film or other production is captured using multiple cameras and on different formats.
These formats arrive at post-production. It is crucial that all the physical media (XD Cam tapes, HD discs, USB disks, etcetera), are tracable.

Olympic log keeps track of the clip's location with each spot-record.

In order to exactly know what is on the media, a team of spotters will maticulasly view the material. For every clip, the spotter can log what he/she wants by typing it in the text edit box, using mark-in and mark-out times to store the location and time. ALL functionality works via the keyboard as well as via mouse or shortcut keys. This way the time to add/edit a record is minimized.

Spotting to the same database is possible with as many spotters as you want. At the same time, a director or editor can view the spotrecords via a report tool that either runs in the browser, or via the report tool itself.

In the report window, the editor can select on one or many parameters (that are also logged): Episode, Day, Location, Candidate, markin/markout time, media type, disk name, or free text (search for a phrase)

The resulting set of spot records can either be saved to a nice Word document, a PDF, or, a ready-to-go ALE (EDL) export file to AVID and import for editing to AVID (assuming off-course the source-media is available to AVID)

And you're done!        
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