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Okdo Xls to Pdf Converter an easy xls to pdf converter. Own it, you can batch convert your xls format files to your personal and searchable PDF.  you can view your xls file with a PDF viewer. All you need to do is to add your converted files to list then click "Convert" is ok so it is affordable for everyone. The speed is super fast, the quality is super good. It has numerous advantages for you to use.
Advanced Features:
It is a standalone program which does not need  Adobe Acrobat software support.
Simultaneously convert massive xls format files to PDF once to save your time.
Convert to PDF by three ways: default way, image way, text way.
Support merge each sheet of one Excel file to convert.
Set the image watermark.
Custom to set the output PDF password for protection by user password, owner password.
Set the page margin.
Custom to set the output file name.
Automatically adjust the sheet size of Excel to adapt the output file page.
Save List: Save the converted files to a list
Load List: Load the saved list files directly to convert.
Convert xls, to PDF file, accurately control PDF page size and quality.
You can add the whole folder to convert.
You can set to open the output folder when conversion finished.
Support save output files in the same folder as source files.

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