Ocster Backup Pro 6

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This exceptional backup software was designed to take care of your backups without being a hassle. It is very easy to set up and from then on it will work fully automatic in the background.

One the best features of this software is that it will never disturb you when you use your computer. The "Automatic Pausing" functionality detects when you need the full power of your PC and automatically pauses the backup. As soon as your computer has free resources again it automatically resumes.

But the program is not only convenient, it also keeps your data very safe. For example, it supports "Versioning", which means that it can keep multiple old versions of your files and enables you to access them at any time.

Ocster Backup Pro 6 also offers a "1:1 File Copy" mode: your files are simply copied to the backup medium and are not put into archives. If you want direct access to your data then this option is for you.

The software also includes convenient options for backing up these programs:

– Outlook 2003 or higher: emails and calendars
– Thunderbird: emails, contacts, calendars, settings
– Firefox: bookmarks, settings
– Internet Explorer: favorites/bookmarks
– Windows contacts

Advanced users can also create custom rules and filters to really tailor the backup to their needs.

More features:

– Automatic Pausing
– Versioning
– 1:1 File Copy mode
– Online backup (optional)
– Detailed backup reports (can also be sent via email)
– Pause and Resume at any time (even after reboot)
– Network backup
– Backup on external hard disks
– Incremental Backup
– Encryption (AES, …)
– Compression (LZMA/7-Zip, Zlib, …)
– Open File Backup
– and much more…

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