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NZip 9.0 Sales App is Dynamic Inventory, Sales, Purchase & Accounting Software; Includes Front-Sales Panel and Back-Office Panel in Single App bundle, which is ideal for Medium and Small Business Sales like Apparel, Boutique, FMCG, Stores, Shops etc. Sales panel is loaded based on Login criteria. Various NZip Sales functionalities include:

– Frontsales Panel for Product Billing, Bill Reprints, Product Query etc
– Backoffice Panel for Managing Products, Coupons, Quotes, Orders etc
– Product, Coupon, Customers, Suppliers
– Bill, Quote, Purchase, Order, Accounting
– Import/Export Feature
– Multiple Find/Replace, Product Updates, Stock Closing
– Product Lists, Coupon Lists, Billing Lists, Purchase Lists
– Daily/Monthly Sales, Groupwise Sales, Trends
– Recon Report, Product Ledger, Stock, Pricing, Fast/Slow Items
– Profit Report, Rate History, Tax Statement, Account Ledger
– Groups, Accounts
– Enterprise Details, User Maintenance, Options
– Billing Preferences, Package Customization
– Operational Help


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