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You’ve earned the life you’ve built, but identity thieves are eager to benefit from your success by stealing your identity. Norton Identity Protection gives you a new sense of security with 25% more monitoring services than the closest competitor2, and 24/7 access to a U.S. based team of identity restoration experts.


Get identity protection that monitors 2x as much

Norton Identity Protection offers nonstop global surveillance. Cyber Monitoring patrols over 10,000 black-market forums and websites where illegal trading of stolen identities happens.  Real-world monitoring helps catch criminal use of your credit cards, bank accounts, social security number, medical IDs and more. 1 You’ll get an alert if we spot suspicious use of your personal information.5


Track your credit history

You’ll get a monthly single-bureau credit score tracker and secure access to an online annual credit report identifying important changes and displays how your credit is trending.


Monitor your bank accounts

We’ll send an alert if your social security number and/or personal information are used to apply for a new credit card or bank account or make any changes to your existing accounts.5


Fix identity theft fast with expert restoration assistance

Identity theft can be an extremely difficult, time-consuming process to fix on your own. Our U.S.-based restoration agents are on call 24x7x365 to help. They know who to call and the steps to take to get your identity — and your good credit — back.  With Limited Power of Attorney, agents can work with issuers and banks, file a police report and help complete restoration activities for you. Your case isn’t closed until you say it is.


Protect yourself with a $1M restoration services guarantee

The credit card company may reverse fraudulent charges, but they won’t pay you back for the time you lost. Our $1 million restoration services guarantee is designed to reimburse you for restoration expenses including qualifying lost wages, attorney fees, fraudulent withdrawals from a bank account, travel expenses and child/elderly care.


Stay safe on social media sites

In today’s world our identities are further shaped by what we share online. Comments you make and your profile details may expose private information or damage your reputation. Social Media Monitoring notifies you of privacy or reputation risks on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Don’t stress if you lose your wallet

If your wallet gets lost or stolen, our specialists will work on your behalf to efficiently terminate and re-issue its contents, from ID’s, credit cards and medical cards to the tickets you had for the big game. Your credit cards don’t have to be pre-registered.


Protect your identity—and your devices—with a single subscription

Norton is the leader in digital security6. A single subscription can protect your data, your devices and your identity. Thanks to our strong heritage in digital security, Norton is able to provide its two factor authentication technology to uniquely secure your identity information. Norton Identity Protection also offers an exceptional 60 day money-back guarantee.


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