New Product Development and Introduction Manual


Quality Systems Innovations, Inc. offers a New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) Manual to guide you through the development and introduction of your product or service. It was written by William C. (Bill) Fenwick and includes what he found works best in over forty years of successful, and occasionally not so successful, new product or service programs. It is loosely based on the Product Life Cycle concept and includes the best features of product life cycle and common sense management. We believe that it is the most complete new product and service development manual available with over 300 pages of detailed information critical to the success of your process. In Volume 1, Bill takes you through the entire new product development and introduction process. He tells you why you need to take specific actions and who should be responsible for them. The manual is designed to support the development and introduction of complex, software controlled electro-mechanical units or systems. It is easily scaled down for simpler products and applies equally well to services when terminology is changed for your application. You tailor your New Product Development and Introduction Manual only to what your company and process needs. A second volume is available for those who would like further guidance in developing process documentation. It includes formats and templates for all recommended process control documents (specifications, reports, logs, etc.), specific instructions for customizing them for your company, and guidance for their use. Best of all, due to its unique design, our NPDI Manual can be uploaded to your company web site and viewed through a web browser or any Smartphone with an internet account. You can collaborate with you new product development team anywhere in the world. As always, the success of your new product development and introduction process will still depend on you and your staff, but Bill supplies the process tools and direction to run your process successfully. You save time and money by doing things once, doing them right, and doing only what is required.

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