NEC Acostix (full version)


The premium version of Acostix 2.91 is very comprehensive. It does lot of sound calculations and verifications. Design engineers and consultants can use it effectively to do their sound calculations. Its main features are: 1. All sound calculations meet international ASTM E90, ISO 140, ASHARE-1987, Sound Research Laboratory,…etc 2. Calculates the required silencer attenuation to meet noise criteria 3. Verifies any selected silencer to meet the noise criteria 4. Design acoustic wall or partition to meet certain SRI or certain noise criteria 5. Change the wall or partition steel thickness, acoustic filling properties and perforation geometry and see the effect on the noise attenuation 6. Takes into consideration free field and reverberant rooms situations. 7. Design rectangular attenuators by allowing you to flexibly adjust all design parameters such as overall aperture size, number of splitters, splitter thickness, air gap between splitters, acoustic filling acoustic properties, perforation sheet configuration, air way length, air flow, flow velocity,…etc 8. Takes into consideration inlet air temperature and temperature rise inside enclosures. 9. It differentiates between inlet and discharge air sound attenuations by considering the regenerated noise. 10. It calculates pressure drop across all air inlet and discharge attenuation systems. 11. Design acoustic louvers by allowing you to flexibly adjust the louver depth, louver blade shape, louver blade thickness, air gap between blades, louver depth, louver acoustic filling properties and perforation sheet. It allows also to adjust the free area percentage and air flow velocity. 12. It will provide the insertion loss for the designed attenuator and sound transmission loss for the louvers. 13. The software helps to calculate the best perforation that can achieve best acoustic results. 14. The software can estimate diesel engine exhaust noise, surface noise and air flows if not known. 15. The software calculates any noise in free filed or inside reverberant rooms either as a single noise figure or over the octave band. 16. The software is equipped with a tool to calculate the wall or partition SRI 17. The software is equipped with a tool to calculate average room absorption coefficient over octave band. 18. The software is equipped with a tool to calculate pressure drops for different duct configurations and elbows.

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