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VideoPad Video Editor

Video Editing Software Made Easy
Designed to be intuitive to use, VideoPad is fully featured video editing software for creating professional looking videos in minutes. Making movies has never been easier.
Drag and drop video clips for easy video editing
Apply effects and transitions, adjust video speed and more
One of the fastest video stream processors on the market
Edit video from any camcorder
Capture video from a DV camcorder, VHS, webcam, or import most any video file format including avi, wmv, 3gp, wmv and divx.
Full of transitions and visual effects
Over 50 visual and transition effects to add a professional touch to your movies.
Create videos for DVD, HD, YouTube and more
Burn your movie project to DVD for playback on TV, or as a standalone video file for enjoying on web and portable devices.
Stunning Video Transitions and Effects
Choose from a wide range of video clip transitions
Preview video effects in real time
Customize the duration of applied transitions
Overlay text for captions and movie credits
Amazing Audio Tools
Import and mix music tracks like a pro
Make your own custom movie soundtrack
Record your own narrations with the click of a button
Use sound effects from the free Sound Effect Library
Complete Video Optimization
Fine-tune color and other visual effects
Slow down, speed up or reverse playback of video clips
Reduce camera shake with video stabilization
Add photos and digital images to your sequences
Share With Family and Friends
Burn to DVD and watch on your TV
Save for YouTube and share online
Save to PSP, iPod, iPhone or 3GP mobile phone
Export movies in standard definition or full HD
(720p, 1080i or 1080p)
Technical Information
Supported Input Formats
Import Video
avi, mpeg, wmv, divX, Xvid, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mp4, mov, vob, ogm, .3gp, H.264, RM and more
Import Images
bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, psd, tga, pcx and more
Import Audio
wav, mp3, mp2, mpga, m4a, ogg, avi, mid, flac, aac, wma, au, aiff, ogg, raw, dvf, vox, cda and more
Supported Output Formats
Burn to Disc – DVD, CD, Blu-ray Discs, HD-DVD
Export Video File – avi, wmv, asf, mpg, 3gp, mp4, mov, YouTube, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Mobile Phone
Upload to YouTube – save login credentials to upload videos directly to YouTube from VideoPad
Supported Devices
VideoPad supports just about any type of video input device including DV based or HDV camcorders.
System Requirements
Works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
For earlier versions please see Windows 98/ME and Windows 2000
Import your old media into VideoPad
with the help of a USB Video Capture Device
Import video directly into VideoPad via a VCR player, analog camcorder or other device with the help of a USB capture device.
This device uses USB2.0 and is suitable for Windows 2000 (SP4)/XP/Vista* and supports both NTSC and PAL devices.
*64 bit not supported

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