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“Navitel Navigator” is a unique and accurate navigation system, including detailed maps of country.

Navitel Navigator features:

Real-time information on traffic jams for a map coverage area.

Message exchange with friends, tracking their location and routing toward them.

Information on weather in any location in the world for the following three days.

Dynamic POI
Fuel prices, cinema showtimes and other useful information.

Road accidents, road works, speed cameras and other information added to a map by users.

Message exchange with friends while navigation.

SpeedCam Warning
Information on radars, video recording cameras and speed humps.

Three dimension maps showing structure and height of buildings.

3D-Multi-level interchanges
Display of multi-level transport interchanges in 3D-mode.

Road lanes
Calculation of a route taking into account multilane roads and visual prompts while moving along the route.

Multilanguage system
Support of the interface and voice prompts in several languages.

Voice prompts
Voice guide while moving along a route, warning on battery charge and connection to satellites.

Onboard computer
More than100 various sensors: time, speed, weather conditions and other parameters.

Purchase through programme menu
Purchase of new map packages and update of the purchased ones through "My Navitel" menu.

Quick routing
Instantaneous calculation and building of a route of any length and complexity.

Unlimited number of points for routing
Easy routing with unlimited number of itinerary points.

Adjustable interface
Adjustable programme interface and map display modes.

Quick access to map scaling and rotation functions by multi-touch input.


Useful links:

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— User Guide for Navitel Navigator 5.1

— Navitel Navigator license agreement
— Maps coverage

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