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For WinMobile, Android, Symbian, bada OS. “Navitel Navigator” with detailed maps of 41 countries of Eastern and Western Europe.

 “Navitel Navigator” — unique and precise navigation system for smartphones and PDA, supplied with GLONASS/GPS-receiver with a special set of maps. Navigational system “Navitel Navigator.Eastern Europe” includes detailed navigation maps of cities and municipalities of 41 Eastern and Western European countries with street names, house numbers, metro stations, gas stations, restaurants, location of forests, lakes, rivers and other important and useful information. Among other functions,when approaching the place of attention (SPEEDCAM), Navitel will warn you and offer to reduce the speed.

Detailed navigation “Navitel Navigator” cities maps include residential and industrial city infrastructure to search buildings by current post address, even in the private sector. 

Package includes maps of the following countries: Austria, Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vatican, Hungary, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, France, Finland, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden.

Navitel Navigator Features:

“Navitel.Traffic” is a free service. All Navitel Navigator users automatically inform server about street traffic, if the service is activated. Your speed is anonymously sent to the analytics server, where the data is being collected and processed. The server sends backwards collected traffic information, so you can see colored lines on map and device can create an optimal route using traffic jams information.

"Search“service — finds everything!

Search engine can use different address types (which includes double addressing, housings, etc.) With the exact destination Navitel Navigator can find it on the map easily, and the hint search system (T9-like) will help you to find street names faster and easier.

“Routes”. Creating routes in a city and in a country is one of the main functions of the navigation system. Navitel Navigator automatically creates optimal route and allows you to set it as you want.

“SPEEDCAM”. More and more speed control cameras are installed at the dangerous road sections. To warn driver about it, we created special notification system. With it, driver can notice dangerous road section in advance and slow down the speed. The speedcam database constantly updates by our cartographers and community. Speedcams file contains information about speed control cameras, dangerous intersection, speed bumps and railway crossings.

“Navitel.SMS”. Free service. It allows you to send SMS with your coordinates. The recipient’s Navitel Navigator software can show recieved coordinates on map and create aroute to it.

Dynamic POI”. The service provides exhaustive and actual information about different types of POI on the country map, including information about gas prices on petrol stations, actual showtimes at cinemas, detailed information about cafes and restaurants, including special offers and telephone numbers for bookings, etc.

“Navitel.Events” — a new free interactive service allows users to fix and see on the map other users marks of the various types of road events, such as road accidents, car crashes, roadworks, speed cameras and other warnings.

Navitel.Weather service shows weather forecast for 3 days for any place in the world.


Navitel.Friends is an interactive service which provides an opportunity to see your friends’ location on the map, chat or make a route to meet them.

Different map search types:

  • Nearest object inspecified radius;

  • Municipalities and objects, located in town (by type and name);

  • Address search;

  • Waypoint search;

  • Last results search.

  • Road crossings search.

More features:

  • Voice guidance while driving on the route;

  • Speed and direction;

  • Coordinates (latitude and longitude, altitude);

  • Automatic time zone selection;

  • Odometer, time while driving, average, minimum and maximum speed;

  • Track and waypoint record;

  • Track import/export;

  • Route import/export;

  • Direction to the end point and approximate arriving time;

  • Finger-friendly interface (large virtual buttons for touchscreen devices);

  • Voice guidance;

  • Many voice hints packages included, a lot of additional packages;

  • Russian, English, Spanish, Turkish and other interfaces;

  • Automatic GPS/GLONASS receiver setting: you don’t need to select COM-ports and protocols;

  • Automatic Bluetooth on/off while connecting external GPS/GLONASS receiver;

  • Different skins.


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