Navigation map "Uzbekistan"

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Detailed map "Uzbekistan"— detailed digital navigation map in"Navitel" format with street names, house numbers and other important information. Includes detailed Tashkent city with routing uptothe house, detailed road network, and abroad range ofvarious POIs and 100% road coverage.

Free online-services support: Navitel.Traffic, Navitel.SMS, Navitel.Events, Dynamic POI and Navitel.Weather!

Maps description:
• Detailed navigation maps ofcities contain residential and industrial areas with anoption ofbuildings search bycurrent post address, even inthe private sector.
• Map supports function ofautomatic optimal routing with voice-hints tothe driver ofupcoming maneuvers.
• All streets and roads with the traffic direction, junctions and circular traffic are included into the network ofdetailed navigation maps ofcities for optimal routing.

Navigation map “Uzbekistan” can beused only atactivated program “Navitel Navigator”.

One license key can beused only for one PDA, smartphone or PND.

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