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Navigation map “Maldives” — a detailed digital navigation map in Navitel format is available with street names, house numbers and other essential information that helps navigate both in a megapolis and beyond.

Free online services support “Navitel.Traffic”, “Navitel.Friends”, “Navitel.SMS”, “Navitel.Events”, “Dynamic POI” and “Navitel.Weather”!

Official map “Maldives” for “Navitel Navigator” includes:
• Detailed map of scale 1:100 000 on the territory of all Republic of the Maldives.
• Maps of 43 islands are developed with address search “to bungalow” and 58 hotels.

Map of Maldives for Navitel Navigator includes 387 km of roads and 1 447 POI.

Maps for IPHONE/IPAD can be bought only through Navitel Navigator program menu (Main menu-My Navitel-All products).

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