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Three countries of Baltics maps package for Navitel Navigator with transit routing between countries and free service “Navitel.Traffic”.

Detailed navigation maps of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for Navitel Navigator application, which includes 259 223 km of road network, 35 047 municipalities, 41 907 POI and other important information.

Navigation maps “Baltics” for Navitel Navigator are used to activate map package, which consists of 3 countries, transit routing between countries and online services support: Navitel.Traffic, Navitel.Friends, Navitel.EventsDynamic POINavitel.SMS and Navitel.Weather.

Maps package “Balticscan be used only in registered Navitel Navigator software. Maps include complete road network and all municipalities.
Baltics package includes maps of the following countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Navigation maps “Baltics” include:

  • Instant routing of any complexity;
  • Transit routing between all countries, included into the package;
  • Extended hydrography;
  • All federal roads;
  • All regional roads;
  • All provincial roads;
  • All district roads;
  • All railroads and railway stations;
  • Over 41 907 POI (Gas stations, hotels, restaurants, etc.);
  • Service “Navitel.Traffic” on all territory of the coverage.

Detailed navigation maps for Navitel Navigator include residential and industrial city infrastructure with data for buildings search by actual postal address, even by the private sector buildings.

All navigation maps for Navitel Navigator support auto optimal routing with voice hints.

The information about all roads, including one-way traffic roads, roundabout, road junctions, included into maps road network.

Navigation maps contain a lot of POI, sightseeing’s and related services information.

Please note that Navitel software is not sold for PNDs (WINCE). You can buy version for IPHONE/IPAD in AppStore.

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