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Detailed navigation map for Navitel Navigator application, which includes 2 189 Kyrgyz cities, over 2 639 POI and other important information.

A detailed digital navigation map of Kyrgyzstan in Navitel format is available with street names, house numbers and other essential information that helps navigate both in a megapolis and beyond.

Support of the following online-services: Navitel.Traffic, Navitel.Events, Dynamic POI, Navitel.SMS and Navitel.Weather!
Navigation map “Kyrgyzstan” includes more than 2 189 cities and towns and all roads of the country. Address search is available in Bishkek, detailed road network is available for all other territory of the country.

The official map of Kyrgyzstan for Navitel Navigator includes:
• 2 189 cities and towns;
• 100% road coverage;
• Extended hydrography;
• Administrative division;
• All railroads with stations;
• More than 2 639 POI (Gas station, police, hotels, museums, etc).

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