Navigation map "Great Britain, Isle of Man"

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"Great Britain, Isle of Man" navigation map for Navitel Navigator includes plans of residential and industrial areas of cities, towns and other settlements of Great Britain and the Isle of Man, as well as an extended POI database (petrol stations, car service stations, cafes, restaurants, hotels, chemists', etc.) and information on location of speed cameras (SPEEDCAM).

The map provides highly detailed road networks of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man taking into account traffic directions and road interchanges. The map allows planning of an optimal route using road information and supports voice guidance function for informing the driver on the upcoming maneuvers.

The map supports free online services such as "Navitel.Traffic", "Navitel.Friends", "Navitel.SMS", "Navitel.Events", "Dynamic POI" and "Navitel.Weather".

The "Great Britain, Isle of Man" navigation map package may be used only with a registered Navitel Navigator program.

A licence key may be registered only for a single smartphone, tablet or PND.

For an IPHONE or IPAD map purchase is available via the main menu of the "Navitel Navigator" program (Menu -> My Navitel —> Purchase maps).

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