NAV Object Tools - Windows version for NAV v. 3.60 - 2009

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Suppport Microsoft Dynamics NAV before v2013

The program contains three tools:

  1. Protection Tool
  2. Archive Tool
  3. Migration Tool

The program is used to protect the code of objects against being modified and viewed and also to archive, copy and move objects. You can create the demo or full-featured version of your product where the source code is securely protected against being viewed or modified. Protected objects remain completely functional (exporting, importing, backing up the database, restoring the database). The built-in archive allows you to restore an object and continue editing it. The archive allows you to store any number of object versions and you can restore any version.

Summary: source code

Concepts: Programming language, Microsoft, Computer program, Source code, Microsoft Dynamics, Compiler, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Interpreter


  • /technology and computing/software/databases
  • /shopping/resources/consumer protection
  • /technology and computing/enterprise technology/enterprise resource planning

Tags: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Suppport Microsoft Dynamics, computing/enterprise technology/enterprise resource, source code, full-featured version, Migration Tool, Protection Tool, Archive Tool, built-in archive, computing/software/databases/shopping/resources/consumer protection/technology, object versions, source codeConcepts, program, objects, tools, copy, Compiler, demo, product, number, version.Summary, language

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