NANO Antivirus Pro - 1000 days of protection (up to 16 PCs)

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Detection of all types of malware.

• Full integration with Windows OS.

• Treatment of the infected files.

• File and Internet protection of the personal computer in real time.

• Own unique antivirus technologies.

• Regular updates several times a day from our own antivirus laboratory.

• High scanning speed due to the use of the capabilities of modern processors, confirmed by Intel tests.

• Technologies of the heuristic analysis for detection of the latest unknown malware.

• Deep emulation technologies for detecting complex encrypted and polymorphic viruses.

• Detection of malware in most popular archives.

• Ability to automatically scan removable media (flash drives, etc.).

• Ability to perform an express check of the system.

• Ability to create custom scan tasks and update on a schedule.

• Mirroring updates, allowing you to optimize the updates process for PCs in organizations.

• Support of receiving offline updates.

• Multi-user mode, which allows protecting sessions of users who simultaneously work on a PC or a remote server.

• Password protection for easy administration.

• Console scanner, which simplifies the integration of the product into the production processes of any company.

• Game mode, providing optimal settings for a comfortable game.

• Russian and English interface.

• Ability to switch the appearance and language interface "on the fly."

Antivirus solutions of NANO Security Ltd are certified by Intel, OPSWAT, 1C and officially recommended by Microsoft for use on Windows operating systems. NANO Antivirus Pro has a number of awards of testing laboratory VB100.

Dynamic licensing

In NANO Antivirus Pro we implemented an absolutely new convenient type of licensing. Now you do not need to decide beforehand how many devices should be protected at the moment and in the future. Use the only activation key on the number of PCs you need to protect right now or later. When your key is installed on an additional device, the days of protection are distributed equally among devices and moreover, you receive additional bonus days of protection!

Advantages of dynamic license:

  • There is no binding to the number of PCs, you can share the license.

  • Bonus days for activation on additional devices.

You can connect additional devices at any time after the activation of the first and subsequent devices, following the rules of protection days distribution. The rest of the days after the distribution can’t be less than 90 days for each device.

The number of protected devices for one dynamic activation key:

NANO Antivirus Pro (100 days of protection) – 1PC

NANO Antivirus Pro (200 days of protection) – up to 2 PCs

NANO Antivirus Pro (500 days of protection) – up to 8 PCs

NANO Antivirus Pro (1000 days of protection) – up to 16 PCs

Bonus days for connecting of additional devices:

NANO Antivirus Pro (200 days of protection) +50 days of protection for 2nd device.

NANO Antivirus Pro (500 days of protection) +230 days of protection for 2nd device and +50 days of protection for 3rd device.

NANO Antivirus Pro (1000 days of protection) +153 days of protection for 2nd device, +153 days of protection for 3rd device, +153 days of protection for 4th device.

How to deactivate the license

Sometimes there may be a situation that requires you to deactivate the license on one or more devices. This can happen in case of loss, breakage or replacement of the device on which the license is activated. Deactivation can also be required when the operating system is reinstalled and in other similar situations. In this case, you should contact our technical support.

Attention! You must have an access to the email box that was used for the license activation.

Never Expires

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