NANO Antivirus Pro (1 year, 1 PC)

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NANO Antivirus Pro

Effective and fast anti-virus solution that provides maximum protection of your computer against all types of malware – cryptolockers, screen blockers, bank trojans, potentially unwanted programs, adware, spyware, etc. During development we have studied the modern requirements to antivirus programs and created a product that meets all these needs.

Detection of all types of malware.

• Full integration with Windows OS.

• Treatment of the infected files.

• File and Internet protection of the personal computer in real time.

• Own unique antivirus technologies.

• Regular updates several times a day from our own antivirus laboratory.

• High scanning speed due to the use of the capabilities of modern processors, confirmed by Intel tests.

• Technologies of the heuristic analysis for detection of the latest unknown malware.

• Deep emulation technologies for detecting complex encrypted and polymorphic viruses.

• Detection of malware in most popular archives.

• Ability to automatically scan removable media (flash drives, etc.).

• Ability to perform an express check of the system.

• Ability to create custom scan tasks and update on a schedule.

• Mirroring updates, allowing you to optimize the updates process for PCs in organizations.

• Support of receiving offline updates.

• Multi-user mode, which allows protecting sessions of users who simultaneously work on a PC or a remote server.

• Password protection for easy administration.

• Console scanner, which simplifies the integration of the product into the production processes of any company.

• Game mode, providing optimal settings for a comfortable game.

• Russian and English interface.

• Ability to switch the appearance and language interface "on the fly."


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