Namo WebEditor ONE - 1st year subscription (English version only)

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Namo WebEditor ONE Windows version features include:


  • Draw instead of coding Drag-and-drop widgets to design you pages, and let the Namo WebEditor ONE take care of the coding. Save development time & cost.
  • Scalable to fit screens Namo WebEditor ONE gives you the power to build responsive websites. Our intuitive UI makes creating mobile pages much easier.
  • Pixel perfect canvas view No more half pixels, dirty shapes or alpha-blended messes. Namo WebEditor ONE also offers zoom, ruler and guideline tools.
  • Back-end integration: Namo WebEditor ONE projects can be integrated with back-end frameworks such as AngularJS, Django, NodeJS, JSP, PHP and WordPress.
  • Data binding If your website is not static web page and needs dynamic data, composition and collection widgets are available at your use.
  • Code customization Namo WebEditor ONE helps you utilize any function without any limitation. You can insert custom codes to any element
  • Collaboration Use Namo WebEditor ONE for team projects. For those with enterprising needs, prototype mode helps share documentation.
  • Project management Keep revision history with notes for each element. Drag screens between columns and check project status at a glance.
  • Document exportation Automatically export your project document to keep track of work, or share.
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