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MyDraw features an intuitive user interface in which diagrams are created by simply dragging and dropping shapes from shape libraries onto the multiple drawing pages supported by each drawing. Shapes can be visually formatted, resized, edited and connected with each other to display complex relationships. MyDraw comes equipped with a large amount of predefined shape libraries suitable for various types of diagrams. Additionally users can create their own shapes and store them in libraries for further reuse. MyDraw integrates a large set of automatic layouts that can come handy when arranging large diagrams. In this way MyDraw can also be used as a general graph drawing tool.

Diagrams created with MyDraw can be printed or exported to raster (PNG, JPEG, BMP etc.), vector (SVG) images and to PDF format.


  • Intuitive UI – switch between the classic command bars (Office 2003 style) and the modern Ribbon command interface.
  • Support for multiple pages per drawing document.
  • Complete set of predefined page sizes, as well as custom page size.
  • Diagrams can be printed or exported to image (PNG, JPEG, BMP etc.), as well as PDF and SVG format.
  • Embed over 30 different types of barcodes in your diagrams (1D and 2D barcodes).
  • Large amount of predefined shape libraries suitable for various types of diagrams.
  • Automatic layouts and routing – 14 automatic layouts with multiple adjustment properties and automatic connector routing which never crosses your shapes.
  • Shape protections – lock any shape or connector from moving, scaling (resizing) or printing.
  • Visio® drawing (VSDX) import and export – easily convert your diagrams and work with them in Apple macOS and Windows Operating Systems.


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