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    What is 'My Calendar'?
            …it's your time.
'My Calendar' is a software application to the desktop
OS Windows, which allows you to manage and appreciate your time and make notes in the margins of your screen. Comfortable, fully customizable program allows you to organize a recurring schedule of upcoming events in a few 
minutes at regular intervals once/day/week/month and year. The Gregorian calendar is used to display the dates.
'My Calendar' recognizes leap years and is the organizer with a simple interface.There are three fields: the calendar, the dates and the events. That's it!
It will always remind you of important events, displaying a reminder in the form called "sticker" that attracts your eye. 
Only 'My Calendar' has got the engine for displaying moving text in the field of each "sticker". It became possible to introduce quick note and run it! 
The total power of the 'My Calendar' can be up to 80 stickers on your screen at once, according to system requirements listed below.
Thus, you will not be distracted by colored circles and squares of your stickers.
They will always stay on top of other applications, and never will be "hidden" outside of your screen.
With 'My Calendar' you will be excel and have a sharp visual memory for the dates and expression of your life! 
The software "My Calendar" can be configured to automatically open with the launch of Windows.
This means that your calendar will be at your fingertips at the start of every day.
'My Calendar' has the ability to import and export .XML database (birthdays only) between familiar to you people.
In addition, you have many options to configure the form: move to any place on the screen,roll up, change font, size, color, speed,transparency of the "sticker", "Drag-and-drop" date, find a date or by the name …and so on for your customization.
Your setup is very easy to do!
You will make the your color, opacity a banner with text moving for left-to-right or right-to-left for a variety of languages(English, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew etc.) and for any purpose – commercial or private.
Try 'My Calendar' for free 30 days, and discover how it compresses your time.
        'My Calendar' is dynamic software for active people!
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