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My Bux Buddy

Earn money 7 times faster with My Bux Buddy! 

My Bux Buddy is a revolutionary new software program that organizes paid-to-click and paid-to-read websites, allows you to view 7 ads at one time and helps you make the most money possible. 

Try it for 7 days for only $2.00!

Check out some of its exciting features:

View 7 Ads At One Time!

Yes, that is correct.  The new My Bux Buddy interface has 7 View buttons.  This allows you to have 7 different sites open simultaneously.  No more clicking on one ad at a time.  Start earning 7 times faster. 

Works With PTR Sites!

My Bux Buddy can also work with PTR sites.  No more cluttered Inbox.  Let My Bux Buddy load your paid to read emails into the View Window.  With the click of a button, you can read emails faster then ever before. 


  • Login and Get Site Statistics from legitimate, paying PTC and PTR websites.
  • Retrieve and Store your account status including:
  • * Number of Ads Clicked
  • * Number of Referrals
  • * Number of Referral Ads Clicked
  • * Account Balance
  • * Total Paid
  • * Total Points
  • Keeps a running total of all your Account Balances.
  • Keeps a running total of all Total Amounts Paid.
  • Choose from My Bux Buddy’s Master PTC List and surf only the PTC sites you wish.
  • Stores Login information for each PTC site and automatically fills out the Login form.
  • Stores Registration information for each PTC site and automatically fills out the Registration form.
  • Exports stored data to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Prints stored data.

The following sites all work with My Bux Buddy:

Affiliate Program

My Bux Buddy offers a 50% commission affiliate program. 

*My Bux Buddy will not and does not auto-surf, auto-click or otherwise intend to violate any paid to click (PTC) website’s terms of service. All Authorized Users of My Bux Buddy are required to meet the terms of service (TOS) of all PTC website memberships.

Never Expires

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