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Simply drop in your photos and videos, pick a style, and muvee creates a movie ready for you to share. muvee’s revolutionary technology automatically zooms, crops, and edits everything together, even adding music.

  • Easy user interface with professional effects, transitions, and hand-selected music already integrated into amazing Styles.
  • New feature: Segment your muvee to highlight different Chapters in your story.
  • Includes Style customization, photo enhancements, Cinematic Trailers, Text animation, Intertitles, and even music trimming.
  • Highlight video clips with magicMoments. Zoom in on photos with magicSpot. Collaborative saving and editing for multiple creators.

Summary: Intertitles, user interface, magicMoments

Concepts: ZOOM, Film, Music video, Editing, YouTube, Media clip, Photograph


  • /art and entertainment/movies and tv/movies/trailers
  • /technology and computing/consumer electronics/camera and photo equipment/binoculars
  • /art and entertainment/books and literature/fan fiction

Tags: Highlight video clips, Easy user interface, revolutionary technology, Cinematic Trailers, amazing Styles, professional effects, hand-selected music, photo enhancements, Style customization, New feature, different Chapters, Text animation, Collaborative saving, multiple creators, Media clip, computing/consumer electronics/camera, Music video, literature/fan fiction, photo equipment/binoculars/art, Intertitles, zoom, muvee, photos, edits, transitions, YouTube, crops, videos, movie, muvee&rsquo, story, magicSpot, magicMoments, Summary, magicMomentsConcepts, Film, PhotographCategories

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