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All you need for multimedia processing: edit, capture, and convert video and audio in all media formats, record footage from PC screens, overlay new audio tracks, apply filters and special effects. Record and add voiceovers to screencasts, capture video chats and online video. Create stunning slideshows. Capture TV, webcam, VHS, and AVCHD camcorder output. Burn Blu-ray, DVD, and CD. Play back video and audio.

Summary: Blu-ray, multimedia processing

Concepts: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Sony, Optical disc, Compact Disc, Camcorder, Video, VHS


  • /technology and computing/consumer electronics/tv and video equipment/video players and recorders/dvd players and recorders
  • /technology and computing/consumer electronics/camera and photo equipment/cameras and camcorders/camcorders
  • /technology and computing/software/desktop publishing

Tags: capture video chats, AVCHD camcorder output, new audio tracks, Blu-ray Disc, video equipment/video players, Compact Disc, Capture TV, stunning slideshows, Optical disc, record footage, PC screens, media formats, special effects, online video, multimedia processingConcepts, photo equipment/cameras, computing/consumer electronics/tv, computing/software/desktop publishing, recorders/dvd players, computing/consumer electronics/camera, screencasts, voiceovers, VHS, edit, Sony, webcam, filters, CD, VHSCategories


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