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Create stunning movies from your photo collection with this easy-to-use slideshow maker. Choose “easy mode” for fast slideshow creation in just 3 easy steps, or “full feature mode” for access to lots of advanced features. Import still photos and videos in any popular format. Insert animated transitions between different sections of your photo movie. Enhance image quality with just one click, fine-tune color parameters, rotate frames, and cut unwanted segments from your slideshow. Add your own music to match the mood of your video, or choose from the library of soundtracks included with the program. Automatically adjust your slideshow to the rhythm of the music. Overlay voiceover via microphone. Add titles, apply filters and special effects. Save your work in any popular format or prepare your slideshows for uploading using the special export presets for social networks.

Summary: social networks

Concepts: Photography, Film, Slideshow, Special effects, Reversal film, Part, Export, Cut


  • /art and entertainment/movies and tv/movies
  • /art and entertainment/music
  • /technology and computing/programming languages/javascript

Tags: easy-to-use slideshow maker, fast slideshow creation, fine-tune color parameters, popular format, special export presets, special effects, stunning movies, photo collection, rotate frames, unwanted segments, easy steps, advanced features, feature mode&rdquo, easy mode&rdquo, different sections, image quality, photo movie, Reversal film, social networks.Summary, computing/programming languages/javascript, social networksConcepts, /art, music, microphone, voiceover, Insert, transitions, slideshows, mood, soundtracks, Import, click, rhythm, access, videos, video, library, Photography, titles, CutCategories

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