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Movavi Screen Capture 7 is a unique application for capturing any activity on your screen. It will record video games, regular computer screen output, or online and live video streams.
The improved recording codec, supporting up to 60 frames per second, provides smooth video output without freezes or slowdowns. Now your masterful shots in World of Warcraft or Battlefield 4 can easily be recorded:  just press a hotkey while you’re playing and Movavi Screen Capture will start recording at full screen. The newly added optimization for Intel Core processors enables you to capture gameplays and online videos with less CPU usage. Customize the settings according to your needs: choose capture mode, screen area, and compression ratio before you start. Use hotkeys for fast control. Capture full screen at lower resolution to save hard drive space.
Try ready-made presets for your preferred mobile devices and convert for Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad, Sony PSP, Nokia, Samsung cellphones, Android smartphones, and more. Encode your video in any format for either PC or Mac (including DVD, HD, avi, mp4, flv, mov, etc.) or even convert it to audio (mp3, wma, flac, etc.). Create video tutorials and record video calls from your friends and relatives, capture online live streams and other web events. 
Movavi Screen Capture has many more useful features, too. Forget about copying and pasting images to another app to grab screenshots – just grab them with a single button! Record your victory in a video game and share the clip with your friends on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or S3. With Movavi Screen Capture, the only limit is your imagination!

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