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Can one tiny Mac OS X program enable you to create software and website tutorials, demos, grab screenshots without using complicated keyboard combinations, and record live streaming video, your voice, and system sounds? If it’s Movavi Screen Capture for Mac, the answer is yes!

Capture full screen video or any area of your screen: desktop, web browsers, online videos, or anything else that’s happening on your Mac screen. The smart capture frame will continue capturing the selected window even if you move the window across the screen during recording – not a single pixel will be lost.

Movavi’s screen recorder is designed for video screencasting in the universal H.264 MP4 format that can be viewed on almost any desktop or mobile platform. Once captured, your screen video can be converted with optimal resolution and quality settings for iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Android devices.

As for sound capturing, Movavi’s app lets you record any system sounds, including music playback, Internet radio, or program sounds – all you need is Soundflower,a free and open source Mac OS extension. You can even capture your voice or musical demos using a USB microphone, or capture output from a connected CD player.

Key features:

    Video screen capturing: record program screencasts, online videos, and more

    Variable capture area: full screen, any part of the screen, or a selected window

    Variable speed: from 15 to 60 frames per second

    Save screen video recordings in H.264 MP4 format with auto bitrate

    Save captured video for Apple or Android mobile devices

    Optional mouse cursor recording

    System sound recording using the free Soundflower software

    Capture output from USB audio devices (microphones, musical instruments, CD players)

    Simple program settings

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