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Movavi Photo Studio is all you need to give your everyday photos a cool, polished look. ��reating colorful slideshows and managing photo albums is a breeze. You’ll love the one-click image quality improvements or you can discover the perfect brightness, contrast, hue and other image values manually. Resize images, crop, flip, rotate, and straighten frames, apply stylish effects and filters, insert custom captions and semi-transparent watermarks. Remove skin blemishes and other imperfections that spoil the overall effect, like power lines, fences, shadows, and even people accidentally walking through the frame. Experiment with image backgrounds: clip your subjects from one scene and replace the background with another image for sometimes surprising results. Batch-process entire photo collections in seconds: resize, rename and convert images, auto-improve quality for all pictures in one pass. Combine your best pictures into a colorful video slideshow with music and fades.

  • Work with digital images in any format
  • Improve picture quality automatically
  • Apply stunning filters and overlays
  • Toggle image parameters by hand
  • Crop, resize, rotate, and flip photos
  • Switch out backgrounds and delete unwanted objects
  • Batch-process any number of images

Summary: digital images, blemishes

Concepts: Photography, Image, Digital photography, Computer graphics, IMAGE, Photograph, Vision, Graphic design


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