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Try this handy app if you need to remove any unwanted element from a photograph. No matter what you want to delete – a person, a large or small object – the result will be perfect. Thanks to the smart removal algorithm, Movavi Photo Editor replaces deleted objects with the content of neighboring areas, leaving no hint of image manipulation.

The application supports a wide range of input and output image formats, so you can work with almost any image types. The program’s intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it a perfect tool for beginners.

Here's a brief overview of what you can do with Movavi Photo Editor:

  • Delete unwanted objects – big or small – from your photos

  • Eliminate small image defects line skin blemishes or pieces of trash in grass/water/sand, etc.

  • Use the handy tools to quickly select the object you need to delete

  • Replace image parts with the content of neighboring areas using the clone tool

  • Work with images in many popular formats

  • Enjoy an easy-to-use interface

Summary: Editor, blemishes, grass/water/sand

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  • /health and fitness/aging
  • /automotive and vehicles/auto parts
  • /technology and computing/mp3 and midi

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