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Movavi AudioSuite brings together SIX essential processing tools for music lovers in a single package. Rip audio CDs. Convert audio for mobile devices. Record audio. Extract from video. Save from YouTube and other video-sharing sites. Burn audio CDs.

Here are the key features of Movavi AudioSuite:

– Transfer audio to your iPod, iPhone, MP3 Player, cellphone and other mobile devices.
– NEW! Rip your entire music CD collection with just a few clicks.
– Record audio from microphones, audio CD players, electric guitars, and any other sound card inputs.
– Extract audio from unprotected DVDs and other video sources.
– Save soundtracks from Google, YouTube and other video-sharing websites.
– Play videos from YouTube right inside the program. Instantly add new videos with just a few clicks.
– Burn audio CDs to listen on any CD-player in your car or at home.
– Enjoy friendly intuitive interface with every option you might need: previewing, fragment selection, fine tuning, and more.
– Save your time with super-fast media conversion technology with support for multithreading and batch conversion.

Make your day sound the way you feel!

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