More Spirituality 3A Subliminal


More Spirituality 3A Subliminal
supports you using light energy. Light energy from pure white light flows through your crown chakra into your body, cleans and renews your body and mind and gives you a strong radiation. It will improve you and your life. Listen to the More Spirituality 3A Subliminal once daily for several weeks.

Affirmations in the More Spirituality 3A Subliminal
Your body is filled with a pleasantly bright white light.
It comes from above and flows through your crown chakra into your body.
You feel very good, because all cells of your body are constantly cleaned and renewed.
The bright white light makes you feel happy and strong.
It gives you strong and positive energy.
It fills you with positive thoughts.
Your spirituality is growing.
You love yourself, you love others and you are loved.
Focus your mind to the good, the positive and to beauty.
You are open to the higher consciousness with all its knowledge.
Your energy vibrates continually higher, which makes you feel lighter and more joyful.
With your frequency of vibration rising, your ability to create is improving.
You are a creator.
Create all you want.
You create a great life.
The magic power of the pure white light transforms you and your life so wonderfully.
It enables you to live your dream.
With the Subliminal you receive a pdf with all affirmations.

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