Monita Software Monita Software Promotion Offer


Features and benifits:-

  1. Unlimited monitoring, alerts and contacts
  2. Custom Monitoring Frequency setup from 1 second to 60 minutes and so on.
  3. Public Status webpage to showcase their website status.
  4. Member only feature to prevent prying eyes from accessing the dashboard
  5. Unlimited contacts to send email alerts
  6. Customized timeout settings
  7. Customized fail threshold limits
  8. Monitor Scheduling
  9. Monitor pausing
  10. Auto query and auto refrresh
  11. Unlimited team members
  12. Watch mode
  13. Powerful installer
  14. Salted passwords
  15. Lifetime license
  16. Free updates
  17. Free support
  18. Optional free installation

Our monita software is suitable for every website owners where, they operate for profits, means our software can be used by any category of webmasters.


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